Monday, January 5, 2015

How Do I Apply for the Andrew Dale Scholarship at SUNY Rockland

In order to qualify for the Andrew Dale Scholarship at SUNY Rockland, you must first apply as a first year student. The scholarship is awarded to one individual each year for $1000 and will go to the student that is seeking a career in Law Enforcement. This scholarship was created 6 years ago, and will be given to the most deserving student. Preference will be given to the student that has a military history, seeking a career in law enforcement, maintained a high GPA in high school, and shows involvement in community based organizations. Andrew Dale was a Police Officer who served with the Spring Hill Ambulance Corps, Hillcrest Fire Department, a former United States Marine and a Police Officer. He graduated Rockland Community College in 1994 and has since looked to give back to the University that provided him with a stellar education. He went on to graduate Fordham University's School of Business. Today, Andrew Dale, owns several multimillion dollar business ventures and is proud to have the opportunity to provide support to a deserving student who wishes to follow the same path. Contact the admissions office at Rockland Community College for further information.

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